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by Joseph D'Agnese

About the Author: Joseph D'Agnese is a journalist, author and ghostwriter who has written for both adults and children alike. He has won a Derringer Award for his short mystery fiction, and one of his stories appeared in the Best American Mystery Stories 2015 anthology, guest-edited by author James Patterson. D'Agnese lives with his wife in North Carolina.


About fifty miles from the Alaskan border and twenty minutes before they were supposed to die, the gray-haired couple from Terre Haute started to see the tops of the Wrangell Mountains. Well, actually not the tops. The peaks were high in the clouds. But the mountains were certainly taller, whiter and shinier than either Stan or Candace had ever seen.

“Is that not amazing?” Can said.

“Beautiful, just beautiful,” Stan agreed. “We should stop and take a picture, don’t you think?”

He turned to the man sitting quietly in the backseat of their Ford SUV. “Do you mind if we stop to take a picture?”

“Not at all!”

The two seniors had picked up John Nutley about fifteen miles back along the Alaska Highway. A poor schlub in an oversized parka that still exuded the new-coat smell of the tourist trap he’d bought it in. The fellow was fretting by the side of the road, lamenting the breakdown of the battered Tercel he claimed to have driven all the way from Ohio. Stan had wanted to leave him and phone for help, but Can wouldn’t hear of it. Their mobile phones hadn’t picked up a signal for miles. She felt it was unconscionable to leave a fellow American out here in the middle of nowhere. Can was sweet that way.

Story Comments

Apr 21 - Jim Farren

This is what I call an 'Uh Oh' story where the presumed bad guy gets an unexpected surprise at the end. Nicely done.

Apr 25 - Robert Petyo

A fun story.

Apr 25 - Scott Merrow

Very fun story. Great concept -- a serial killer who's bad at his job. A nice, easy read.

Apr 25 - Earl Staggs

Thanks for a clevand fun story. Well done.

Apr 26 - John Porter

Great story! Maybe he should have taken up collecting shopping trolleys at supermarkets. Thank for a worthwhile read.

Apr 26 - Raufikat Oyawoye

Nice read! Thoroughly enjoyed it

Apr 26 - Elizabeth Varadan

Very clever!

Apr 26 - Lani

Clever. Although I can't really see Stan shooting Nutley. Why ruin your retirement with a manslaughter conviction?

Apr 27 - Frances Dunn

I loved this story and the dialogue. A fun read.

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