The Gunfighters

Two gut-shot gunslingers try to solve a mystery without moving an inch.

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The Wrath of a Writer Wronged

An aging writer of crime fiction ends up becoming the hardboiled inspector he so often writes about out of necessity (well, perhaps out of vengeance).

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Smokin' Hot Cash

When an L.A. cop walks into a medical marijuana shop, things appear to be normal and routine. They are not.

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When a stranger moves in across the street and threatens his family, a mild-mannered middle aged man must dig deep within himself to discover what he stands for.

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The Cry

Alone in Hiroshima's Peace Park, a retired elderly assassin overhears a murder - or does he?

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The Price of Friendship

Ted Milner, divorced, broke, and living in a shabby motel, learns that his neighbor has struck it rich. . . and no one else knows. Just a few bullets could solve all of his troubles.

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