The Persistence of Illusion

When Detective Harry Sturgis finds himself stuck with a twenty-five-year-old case, the last thing he expects is to get himself killed. Though, in truth, his death isn't entirely a surprise.

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One Night at the Pine Lake Motel

Two pro wrestlers and one disbelieving spectator collide on a hot summer night at a seedy Alabama motel.

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Tangerines and Wild Garlic

During the university holidays Sarah travels back to Ben's hometown to meet his family, but when she finds herself in the midst of a town tradition is everything what it seems?

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Paper Soldier

PTSD can trigger many reactions, including paranoia. What if the enemies are not figments? Who'll believe you if you can't trust yourself?

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Andromeda Smiled

Retired detective Charlie Kane is lured from his solitude to reprise his role as a famous gumshoe. But will the Andromeda case be his undoing?

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Honey's Turn

Honey's Turn is a twisted his and her love story and what happens when a good love goes really, really bad.

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