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The Case of The Disappearing Diamonds

by Benjamin Mark

About the Author: Benjamin Mark has been writing a weekly e-zine for over ten years entitled Tidbits which has a free readership distribution of around 10,000 readers per week around the world. His unpublished and published writing accomplishments are on Other short stories have been accepted by Integra, Storyfile, Storgy, Typishly, Dark Ink Press, and Gold Wake Live magazines.


“I do hope you noticed this daringly careful man is wearing his white shirt open at the collar,” said Bartholomew Blunt.

“Indeed, I do,” said Samuel Sharpe. “As I am sure you immediately perceived that this fearfully brave man, dressed in all black, is at your disposal.”

Blunt grinned as they both opened their lounge chairs. He asked Samuel if he was prepared to prance forth this fine day, as was their habit, for yet another trek into dreamland.

“Without dreams we are nothing,” said Sharpe.

“In our dreams we will always be everything we want and can be,” said Blunt.

“I brought along some gifts,” said Sharpe. “A couple of corn-cob pipes as befits our statures. With Mapleton tobacco no less,” he added. “Our hillbilly looks will belie our worldliness. It never pays to show who you really are.”

“My favorite terbaccy,” said Blunt who had never smoked a pipe in his life.

“As it is mine,” said Sharpe, who was wondering just exactly how did one actually hold a corn-cob pipe.

“Would you like to solve a crime today?” said Blunt, who had always aspired to be a detective.

“You know I would,” said Sharpe, who liked to pander to the same dreams as Blunt.

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