Death In Seventeen Syllables

Somebody is killing old ladies who write haiku. Is it a poetry hater, or someone with a personal grudge? DS Vicky Wright and her sidekick, DC Miller, have to work out the clues in seventeen syllables.

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The Girl Who Was Only Three Quarters Dead

In the near future a detective tries to save a girl from death, who is already legally dead.

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Easy Money

Life on the New York City streets is hard for Gus. When he gets a chance to make a quick buck, he takes it--only to find that nothing for him is ever easy.

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Miracle At Stonecroft Manor

Winston Stonecroft is murdered under impossible circumstances that dictate no one could have done it, yet someone in his house must have.

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No Escape

A little old lady loses her cool after her caregiver abandons her and takes a joy ride in her vintage Mustang. How far will the elderly woman go to exact revenge?

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Night Brings The Frost

Each year when the river freezes, the abandoned, bridgeless island fort is linked to the rest of the city, once again. And something lurking within the ruins is free to hunt and sate its hunger.

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The Last Of Their Line

A dying Bostonian orders his kin dug up and reburied. Cemetery superintendent Sumner Bascomb can't help wondering why.

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Ignoring warnings that a hurricane is rapidly approaching, two thieves set out in a boat to pull off a heist on a remote island.

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Death For The Daffodils

A daffodil struggles to understand the nature of love.

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