For Josh Zuckerman, coming home for Passover is always a challenge, mostly because of his mother. This year was no different from other years---except this year, his mother has orchestrated an Exodus of her own.

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I Smell A Mystery

Two sisters stumble over a dead body and uncover an old family secret which puts them in peril of their lives.

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Caution: Men At Work

They say clothes make the man. What they don't say is that some clothes can make the man invisible, giving him the kind of power no tuxedo or ermine-trimmed cloak could ever achieve.

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The Obsolete

A double cross over diamonds between a fence, a corrupt police detective and a house breaker.

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Fifteen years ago, Luke walked away from working as an enforcer for Freddie Bouca. But now Bouca is back and threatening to kill Luke’s wife if he doesn’t do Bouca one little favour…

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Tam Hinkle's Last Sundown

Washed-up pulp fictioneer Archie Echols harbors a decades-long grudge against silent film vamp Tam Hinkle. With nothing to lose, Archie packs up his Colt Walker .44 revolver and decides to pay Tam a visit.

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The Case of the Beguiled Courier

A courier loses a case of cut diamonds and has no memory of the theft.

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Sold at Auction

A satirical noir tying together a missing pastor, a saloon sold in tax delinquency, and the second uranium rush in Utah. It's style resembles that of Thomas Pynchon's The Crying of Lot 49 or Inherent Vice. I

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