Unpaid Debt

Will Juut die trying to collect on his dead former friend's unpaid debt?

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When the Heat Gets Heavy

A Vietnam veteran has to escort a competitive eater to a contest in Philadelphia, but what they don't know might hurt them.

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Hate Mail

An old man receives a letter that threatens to expose the dark secret of his past

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An Unhealthy Death

When a fellow member fails to upload his fitness data at the end of their group's weekly challenge, other members want to know why.

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Blood and Deceit

Trapped in a cycle of violence and manipulation, a British crime writer takes the knife into his own hands.

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The Dreadful Surge

In the days before World War I, German saboteurs succeed in blowing up the munitions stored on Black Tom Island, but they fail to reckon with librarian Beatrice Winser.

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Portrait of a Victory

A young woman is abducted by an artist who uses his paintings to enlist her aid against an imminent threat.

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