After We Lost Her

Cindy was Sean Flynn's dream girl, until she met the cop who stole her away. When tragedy strikes, can Sean swallow his pride and team up with the very same cop to take on his own outlaw clan?

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It's All Relative

Young high school student gets beat up by a policeman and he thinks his beloved and idolized uncle betrayed him.

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Family Matters

Just your typical family reunion on a beautiful summer day. Till the truth comes out.

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The Cold Hunt

A mysterious death in the Russian wilderness. A town under siege by a man-eating tiger. And a pair of researchers who stop at nothing to find the truth.

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Bernal Heights

Bobby Coldiron is a man on a mission. He would like to enjoy life with the woman of his dreams while he's young. Two problems. One, he hasn't told the woman yet and two...he has told his boss, and his boss says retirement is out of the question.

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Temptation Square

Evil lurks inside the tourist destination of Temptation Square and only one lonely private investigator cares.

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