Stranger in Paradise

A naïve tourist in the French Quarter, seeking to broaden her horizons, drops by to meet a friend-of-a-friend, an antique dealer in cemetery artifacts, and finds herself in a sticky predicament..

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Jumpers for Jesus

Who is a better shepherd to the faithful—a charlatan or a daredevil?

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El Chappie: The World's Second Greatest Criminal

An El Chapo lookalike finds himself on the wrong side of the law.

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The Mayfly

A dying Morgan Ayers has one last chance to protect his family.

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The Dead Man in the Pearl Gray Hat

It’s 1939 Manhattan. Weegee, the city’s most infamous crime photographer, needs a gimmick to excite readers bored by yet another photo of a bullet-riddled gangster. What he comes up with is sheer genius—but the results are not what he expects.

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You Can't Go Alone

A homicide detective sets out to avenge the death of his drug addict son, but must reconsider his quest when he receives a warning along the way:

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Three Hogg's Tales And One Hairy Ending

A modern-crime retelling of: The Three Little Pigs.

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