A femme fatale tale dealing with mystery, memory and murder.

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Only The Desperate Come Here

People only come to attorney Scott Turley when there's no other choice. So when a confessed murderer with deep pockets and a powerful family retains him, he sees it as a big payday...not realizing the extent of the price to him.

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The Odds Are Good

When Ginny Krause heads north to escape a bad second marriage, she finds Alaska full of surprises ...

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A Grave Mistake

A walk in the woods takes a dark turn for Ben ...

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The Power of the Dog

A girl wearing a dog costume is performing at a county fair with a kindergarten class, when a gunman rushes the stage. Can her costume help her save the children?

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Bone Soup

Sheriff Sherri Fine won her election by mistake, and now she's faced with a cold case that pits her against the local political machine.

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A Little Housecleaning

Wade comes to understand the phrase: “The chickens have come home to roost.”

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Suicide Insurance

The good news: Irish Twins twins Bobby and Ronan hit the lottery. Bad news: Their winning ticket connects them to the murder of a liquor store owner.

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