Rat Killer

The Ortega brothers got far more than they bargained for when a Seminole cowboy came to the tiny Mexican hamlet of Matalo, claiming he wanted to buy cattle.

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Miller and Bell

Dutch Miller, tired of his life as a for-hire felon and retired in a small town on the Missouri/Iowa border, makes a simple mistake that sets in motion his undoing.

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The Assassin's Portrait

A Victorian woman artist is commissioned to paint the portrait of an up-and-coming Member of Parliament by his colleagues. Unknown to her subjects, the artist is not only a talented portraitist but a uniquely successful assassin.

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Kill and Cure

A hitman has only one chance to get into a medical study that might save his life: solve the murder of the son of the doctor in charge.

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The Ring of Truth

West Texas reporter Brianna Yamato investigates the death of a high school thespian. The dead girl seemed ordinary, but the drama in her real life was greater than anything on stage.

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The richest man in the city is dead in mysterious circumstances and dead crooks are buying up real estate - and somebody doesn't want anyone digging into why.

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Beauty Kills the Beast

A beautiful young trophy wife uses poison to choose between wealth and love.

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