Down to the Bear Bone

Stories of loyalty are nothing new. But it's still frightening what a mother will do.

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Every Fire Wants to Kill

An arsonist-for-hire is burning down vacant homes in a 1970s Chicago slum for a crooked landlord, who pockets insurance checks. Dapp, the landlord’s assistant, exposes the scheme to the fire department. But is Dapp really trying to stop the fir

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Quelle Horreur!

When Dubois can find no other free room on a stormy night in Odessa, he must lodge at a shadowed rooming house where few last the night.

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Letter to the Archivist

A letter arrives for the Archivist, espousing the virtues of the incredible collection in intricate and alarmingly intimate detail.

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Murder Over Easy

A noir story investigating a murder scene as two partners become increasingly suspicious of one another.

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A Diagnosis at Dinner

One of three men at a dinner at Winston Churchill's wartime retreat is a Nazi spy. But which one?

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The Containment Spell

A ghost story with a spell-binding twist.

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Cousin Ronald and the Dead Man

A bootlegger in 1940s Appalachia runs moonshine to support his young orphan cousin, but the appearance of a strange and dangerous criminal known as the Dead Man threatens to destroy everything and unearth an old secret.

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The Deceased in the Dumpster

Greta of Greta's Green Clean is asked to investigate after a body is found in the dumpster of a trailer court.

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