The Mechanical Rat

One man’s work of art is another man’s weapon of choice. Or so it seems…

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Mrs Walker and the Poisonous Punch

Mrs Walker hates Christmas parties, but when one of the guests dies, the party becomes a lot more interesting than she bargained for.

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Not A Smart Way To Start A Negotiation

Elizabeth enjoys the simple things in life, such as diamonds, Prada and chauffeurs – earned them all with hard work. But Elizabeth has been kidnapped by two men who want what she has. Except Elizabeth is much more than a tough negotiator.

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True Love

Is it true love or something much more sinister?

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A life is at stake and Hal and three friends must take extreme measures or the blood will be on their hands. But is it guilt that drives them, or something else?

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Ailanthus on Patchin Place

An elderly woman enlists her delivery boy in the search for a crying child.

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