Mrs. Bott’s Finest Christmas

A bar patron recounts a chance meeting with a notorious criminal who performed an act of kindness that didn't go as he expected.

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Outrace The Snowfall

A hated billionaire, a snowed-in mountaintop mansion, and a fresh supply of poison—what could go wrong?

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The Brew

When a rock star visits his home town, his best friend teeters on the edges of sobriety and murder.

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Nice Grammar, That Guy

Susan and Allen Horton seem the perfect couple, which makes Susan’s bludgeoning death at the hands of a homeless man outside a Providence restaurant after a 10th anniversary dinner all the more shocking.

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Rolls Upon Prank

Even in sleepy backyards, guarded by the timid and the well-fed, murders can be committed ... and upset the balance of nature.

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Invisible Death

A gothic mystery in the golden-age tradition, inspired by the work of John Dickson Carr. It features a seemingly impossible locked-room murder in a snowbound country house.

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