Cajun State

Not much crime at Cajun State University until someone steals the big Christmas tree from campus. Retired New Orleans police detective Hunter Bourget, now a university cop has to find that tree (and who stole it).

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Fruit On The Bottom

A woman doubts her reality as certain foods, which help with her chronic condition, keep vanishing from the fridge.

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Fair Is Fair

Jason Brockman has money troubles and no time to solve them. When he stumbles across the perfect extortion opportunity, what else is he supposed to do but take it? Of course, it's never that simple and there's always a problem you can't foresee...

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The Christmas Caper

Even the best plans get tripped up.

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Just Another Small Town Death

A policeman in a small Minnesota town investigates the death of a woman he'd known---and loved---when he was a child.

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A Hungarian Christmas

Veronika convinces her young fiancé, Bert, that every Hungarian girl must have a present on Hungarian Christmas.

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Another Body

Casey Baxter seems to have a knack for finding dead bodies, and when she finds another - lying stabbed in the automated warehouse where she works - it’s the start of a very peculiar day...

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Santa Walks Into A Bar

Wearing the Santa suit to Drake's Bar and Grill had been a joke. But after that night officer Paul Drazdzinski wouldn't laugh for years.

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The X in Xmas

To solve the murder of a Mafia boss at Christmastime, Detective Charlie Collins joins forces with a female detective who has plenty of mob connections. The twisted holiday traditions of local wiseguys lead them down a dark road decorated with death.

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