Santas And Sinners

It's the festive season and charity Santas are being mugged for their takings. Not of course that things are ever that simple as there appears to be more than mere theft behind the crimes.

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Gator Country

Danny Douglas's job keeps him on the road--a blessing right now, because he's also on the run. When he rescues a hitchhiker from a swampful of alligators, he never dreams that he might've found the one person who might help him solve his problem.

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The Unfortunate Incident at Cottonwood Falls

Virgil claims his life is in danger. Virgil concocts tall tales, so his best friend is dubious. But then Virgil’s wild story about a heist and murder causes events to spiral out of control in Cottonwood Falls in 1905.

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And Tyler Too

The scheme to demand ransom for a dead man leads a retired attorney to discover unsavory truths about his son and others.

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Monster Case

A young man on the verge of leaving for college decides to find out whether a suicide was, in fact, a murder.

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Just Another Outlaw

On the run from the law after a heist gone bad, Kevin Turner tries to take refuge at his cousin Bobby's rural property, which he thinks will be empty for the week... only to find that Bobby's home. Even worse, Bobby has just killed someone.

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The Open Door

A man is found in an isloated parking lot beside his car with a broken neck and no sign of struggle

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The Mad Monk of Mepkin

A monk is laid out for burial at secluded monastery—with a knife in his chest!

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