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Today, you inspired me.

by Francesgrace Mary-Hedwyck Ferland

About the Author: Francesgrace is a bookseller and an avid reader, who was raised on classic mystery novels.


Today, you inspired me.

Strange thought, isn’t it? Considering that I have never met you before. I can imagine you, though, and I know you exist out there somewhere. Someday soon, I will see you in person. I will know what you look like, how you dress, where you work and shop, all the particulars of your life. Will you know who I am? Will you understand what lives inside your shadow?

Today, you inspired me.

Are you curious as to what I mean by it? Of course, you are. Let me explain.

Your very existence on this earth inspires me to do great things. I know you will never believe me; not until the very last possible moment will you understand. Likely not even then. Don’t be offended. It’s only that you are just another body among millions, through no fault of your own. You really can’t help what you are.

I do accomplish great things, whether you are able to comprehend their scope or not. You really have no idea. I am the giant upon whose shoulders the rest of this earth is sitting.

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