I Gave Them the Finger

A man finds a finger in his front yard and investigates the neighborhood to find the owner.

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... On A Two-Way Street ...

A New York City bagman runs afoul of gunmen on a Cape Cod beach and into a femme who is fatale in just the right measure.

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A Letter for the Bayou

Old detectives never die—they retire, become poets, and try for the quiet life. But when the peace of the Southern bayou in his backyard is violently shattered, John, 80, suddenly finds himself back on duty.

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My Favorite Fungus

Small towns are simple places. Their streets run in grid-like patterns. So why can he not find her?

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Magic Cat and the Girl in the Shadows

While entertaining at a child's birthday party, a young woman becomes embroiled in the secrets of suburbia.

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