Last Call At The Bar Of Invariable Length

A man walks into a bar in a sleepy South Carolina beach town, and what happens next is no joke …

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Three desperate fugitives from a Soviet gulag arrive cold and hungry at a trapper's cabin high in the mountains. The old man offers food, dry clothing and directions to freedom, but then the food runs out.

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Hello, Cupcake!

Looking to reconnect with an old flame? Watch your step or you might get burned!

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The Vulnerable Rind

A young Italian carabinieri officer launches an unofficial investigation into a series of trivial break-ins at a small cheesemonger's shop in Rome, with troubling results.

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Blood Poisoning

Laurel told her father not to get married.

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The Word

Rennie, a homeless drunk, is coerced into helping a strange woman get rid of a killer cop.

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How far will a mother go to protect her child?

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The Smooth Joy of One Good Step

Bobby Earl's always gotten himself in trouble by living in the moment. But when a guard asks Bobby Earl to hold his rifle, he really should have thought more than one step ahead.

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