Kenny Orslow Shows Up On Time

Petty criminal Kenny Orslow is pushed off a bus to the County House of Corrections and finds himself homeless and friendless.

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Left Out

A delay in dropping off a library book sets Marcus on the path to commit murder.

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The Sizzle

Danielle faces a bleak future until her smooth-talking Uncle Everett offers her an opportunity to join him in his casket-sales business.

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We Suffered Such A Man As This

Arriving in the small mining town of Copperopolis in fall of 1899, Georges Armadale, self-proclaimed detective extraordinaire, has taken it upon himself to solve a murder recently committed in a local church. At the standard rate, of course.

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The Russian Triple Agent

Mystery writer meets his characters that save his life ...

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Mr. DeShaw's Sculpture

An obscene sculpture is erected in a small town and no one knows why.

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