Ghost Eyed Gift

It's late 1800s Chicago and barber Nathaniel Tall Cloud just wants to get by. Then a killer strolls in for a shave.

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My Year With The Perfect Family

A documentary filmmaker plans to film a perfect family for a year. His plan needs rethinking after he murders the mother, father, son and daughter on the first day.

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Thirteen-year-old Eddie Webber's dog was dead, his pa was a drunk, his stepmother was a witch, and a killer outlaw was on the loose. And then things got worse . . .

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Flinders' Flit

A woman's husband goes missing and people suspect she had something to do with it. She feels it's history repeating itself.

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After Thoughts

Sometimes you can't help but change the way you think.

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Nightshift in Strange Rain

Green blood and trench coats and death in the rain -- an oldfashioned murder detective and his coroner ex-flame tackle a newfangled problem in this retrofuture gumshoe tale set in a small town not at all close to you.

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Crime and cats -- bad or good luck?

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Adam's Prime Rib

Randi has a date with a chef, and nothing is cut and dried ... yet.

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A New York food tour guide brokers a deal to import a rare gourmet delicacy to the city. He discovers that what he carries, many will kill to possess.

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