The Nightingale's Heart

Phillipe, who lives alone in the Canadian wilderness, must come to terms with the violence of his past as he helps a man mauled by a bear.

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The Palooka

A tragedy in three acts: In which an ex-fighter is recruited to rescue a damsel, then discovers he's been deceived, and finally exacts his horrible revenge, all in the comfort of a neighborhood drinking establishment.

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Father Michael

A boy discovers that his family's sudden move to a rural community may have been to escape the mobsters who employed his father as an accountant. When a hit man disguised as a priest visits, the boy acts to save his family.

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In Harry's Footsteps

A man’s search for his missing brother leads him to a seedy rural diner, a femme fatale, and a cemetery at night, where not all the dead bodies have headstones to mark their graves, and there’s always room for more.

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The Masterpiece Murders

A small town mindboggler that finally ends with the artful murderer unintentionally exposed.

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Lesson Plan

A high school English teacher, caught stealing school funds, murders his accuser, then disposes of the body in a clever way, but things go horribly wrong.

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The Snake

After hiring a man to kill his wife, things are finally looking up for David Rosten, but after a police detective pays him a visit one quiet morning, the retiree soon finds himself on the business end of a bizarre double-cross.

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Blake's Bad Day

Blake had a perfect life until a financial audit threatens to expose his embezzlement. Murder is his best solution, but it doesn't turn out the way he hoped.

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You, Thin!

A young woman goes undercover to find her sister-gone-missing at a weight-loss retreat.

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