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Gunned Down

by Bruce Harris

About the Author: Bruce Harris is the author of two westerns: A Pair of Polished Peacemakers and Puhl's Gold. Both available on Amazon.


Anthony “Anchovy” Antonelli stood in front of a large city map, pointer in hand. There wasn’t an anchovy, flat or round, with or without capers, bought or sold in the city without Anthony Antonelli getting his cut. But his mind at present wasn’t on salted fish. His arm outstretched, the pointer’s rubber tip rested on the map’s upper left quadrant, bulls-eye center within a hand drawn target around a Metropolitan Bank branch.

“One,” said Antonelli, facing the room. Sweat beads formed a wet mustache above his thick upper lip. He blinked away sweat that flowed in gorge-like streams from his creased forehead. Electric fans blew warm air around but provided little relief. “This might be the most important of the three because they got the largest vault.” Antonelli swung the pointer straight ahead. “Ralphie. Vic. You two take this branch.”

Ralphie and Vic looked at each other, nodded and addressed Antonelli. “Count on us boss,” said Vic, looking smug as he made eye contact with the others in the room.

“What about us boss?” came Solly’s voice from the rear. “Me and Jack want that branch. We’ll handle …”

“Shut up!” sneered Antonelli. He whipped the pointer around and smacked its pointed end against a Metropolitan Bank location smack in the city’s middle. “This one belongs to you two.”

Solly, about to protest was cut short. “But …”

“But nothing” came Antonelli’s reply. “I chose the two of you to handle this one because it’s in the city’s financial district. Look around, whaddya see?”

Story Comments

Jan 27 - Susan Rickard

Humorous! Isn't that the way in life! Ha Ha!

Jan 28 - Frances Dunn

Great story. Loved the humor.

Jan 28 - Tina Jude

Ha ha what great humor! I thoroughly enjoyed the story! Fantastic characters. Ah yes assume nothing... Thanks for the captivating read!

Jan 30 - George Garnet

Really funny...Good job

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