The Dark Side of the River

How far will one man go to help a brother whose earlier betrayal sent him to jail?

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The Clean Car Company

When you offer a brand new type of start up business to the criminal element, you can't always depend upon them to be trustworthy. Even when they pay half up front.

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A Day at the Office

A Paris pickpocket who loves high fashion has something a high-rolling drug dealer urgently wants.

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Auditions Can be Murder

Professional theater can be a cutthroat business, all right, and everyone is just playing a role, heroes and villains alike.

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Five people stakeout a hotel room, unaware that they are having the same bizarre conversation.

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Why Do They Have to Make It Easy?

When the man who was sent to prison for killing Hal Richards' wife shows up on the Detective's doorstep, old wounds are reopened and secrets revealed. But is the escaped convict there for a more sinister reason?

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The Night Movers

When you're looking for a clean break and a fresh start, the Night Movers are there to help....

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Going Out To Sea

Jake Walsh received a free ticket from the Gallagher Museum of Art to view an art collection and soon learned that nothing ever comes free.

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The Recidivists

Bryan Waller is murdered one morning on is way to work. Things only get worse when it happens again the following day.

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