A Black Dog For A White Monkey

A bed-bound shamus attempts to solve the disappearance of an heiress in this classic noir.

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Neon City

Movie industry, jealously, lookalikes, and one private detective caught up in it all in this classic noir with a twist. .

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Leaves In A Forest

Conrad was ordered to take charge of a homicide on his first shift as a detective, for a crime scene that made no sense. And just when he thought things couldn't get any worse, he met his new partner.

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The Fear Dreams

A dream interpreter makes his fortune conning clients out of their life savings, that is, until he becomes the victim.

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A Simple Misunderstanding

In this comic mystery, Tate and his friend Fred's night goes from bad to much worse, while searching for Tate's stolen Great Dane, Clarence.

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Accidents Will Happen

George has his hands full with his old harridan of an Aunt Georgina her dog, Pookie Poo. He's finally had enough.

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Criminal Little Secrets

South Dakota. 1966. When twelve-year-old Virginia is farmed out to work for the Schultzes for the summer, her nasty habit collides with Mr. Schultz's secret.

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"Me and Suzy planned out everything, except that no caper follows the plan."

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