Jake Brown's Anomalies

In his small Nebraska town, Jake Brown sits on his porch and watches the world go by. When he begins to notice anomalies in the passing scene, though, his observations lead to the solution to multiple murders....

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Spinning Monkey Thriller

While awaiting his assignment, a hitman has a potentially life-changing encounter.

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Something Like Happiness

In 1925 Bavaria, Rein Werner seizes a chance to avenge his brother's death and sabotage a corrupt Third Reich official rising to power. He puts together a crack team of criminals to make it happen.

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What The Boy Said

Two partners-in-crime are angling for their next assignment. Their rich client is supposed to meet them but why hasn't she shown up?

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Freezer Burn

Two larcenous country boys find out the hard way that there are cold cases and then there are ...

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The Good Neighbor

Sitting in a Berlin café, an American tourist sees a woman he knew years ago in the Gulf. Back then, she got into trouble with the police and he lied for her, without understanding the cause of her predicament.

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