A Gastleigh Curse

A madcap Edwardian supernatural romp through a vast and ancient manor house. Who killed Sir Reginald Gastleigh? Who, indeed?

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Publish or Perish

A crime fiction writer, frustrated with his mountain of rejection slips, kidnaps a magazine editor and unwittingly discovers what true crime is all about.

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When her brother Johnny comes home to roost, Teri is ready.

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Smiling Gnome

The horrible movie adaptation of Robert Caldwell's novel killed his literary career. But Jason Stearne wonders if Caldwell's revenge got him murdered.

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The Date

The mysterious death of a retired fortune teller. Is it murder? Suicide? Or something else?

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Uncle Charlie and the Passport

Uncle Charlie usually refuses to loan out money, but when he does you better not renege. Even his favourite nephew was not immune.

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Darkness, Darkness

A blind man is the only witness to a murder. Detectives sort through the clues he provides.

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Gun Control

A show-down at a small tavern defines characters on both sides of the gun control issue..

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