The Hail Mary Play

In a last-ditch effort to avoid getting expelled from military school, a cadet comes up with a plan—something that’s guaranteed to impress the school’s superintendent. Unfortunately, it involves kidnapping and a goat.

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As a housekeeper of many years, Annabelle had grown accustomed to the whims and oddities of her wealthy employers. No amount of experience, however, prepared her for the day two strangers turned up at the Worthingtons.

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The Shrewdness of Apes

At the dawn of mankind, one resourceful human sets out to solve a mystery after his chief, Ice-eyes, is killed by a vicious predator. Is Long-spear, the only witness, deceiving the tribe?

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Going South

An aging hitman agrees to one last job arranged by his young protege. But only if he takes the shot. The older man knows his gun; the younger man the tech. The hit was crowdsourced. What could possibly go wrong?

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When a much loved homeless man is murdered, the killer must be named before a mob renders its own blind justice.

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Bad Moon Rising

A Silver Alert, an ex-con, and a snowstorm create a deadly combination.

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A Nasty Bit of Business

A private detective is hired by a powerful man as an enforcer, and things go sideways, as they tend to do.

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