Tombstone Dodge

When your wife is connected to all the wrong elements in town and you spend most of your time tricking people into trusting you, stealing a stash of organized crime money sounds perfectly reasonable.

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Sir Oxnard

An English nobleman banished for twelve years may or may not be back for revenge.

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Star Witness

A mad bomber is loose in Brooklyn. Detective Bragg and his partner are stumped until they look to the stars.

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A Hazard Of The Job

When a woman is committed to an asylum in 1920s Virginia, she forges a friendship with an old man dying of tuberculosis--a man who had been a killer in his youth, a man who may be sympathetic for her want of revenge.

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Setting The Pick

When a woman feels her actions allowed her sister's killer to beat the rap, how far will a private detective go to solve the decades-old murder?

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In the aftermath of a hurricane, a young man vows to do anything he can to get back what he lost in the flood waters--but as he discovers, payback can be tricky.

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Screen Shot

The suicide of the TV star was recorded, so why does Jon Shadows think things are not as they seem?

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The Corpse At The Foot Of My Bed

I woke that morning to find a dead man staring at me through the glass doors of my patio; between the police and a couple of nosy neighbors, things went downhill from there.

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