Night Without End

In August 1945, when a body is discovered following a pogrom in the Main Market Square in Krakow, Ania Bielecka befriends the daughter of the victim. She vows to help the girl find the identity of the murderer, no matter what.

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Down The Well

Did Officer Timmy Kim fall down a well? And what's with the muffins? P.I. Phillip Prince investigates.

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Beer And Roses

A neighbor with secrets and an eye for crime helps a young couple navigate strains imposed by a corrupt boss and personal tragedy. Is he hiding something--or suppressing it?

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Tom Terrific

Tom Terrific thought he hit a deer on his drive home from the Breeze By Bar & BBQ. But his old friend Detective Grissolm had a different idea.

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A Meeting At The Dew Drop Inn

Danny Thomas thinks he’s made a new friend. When the friend turns out to be a reclusive celebrity, and presents a unique business opportunity, Danny is intrigued. However, is the deal too good to be true?

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Some Days You Beat The Dead Horse

A private eye tries to leave a wartime incident forgotten in the past... but his conscious and the military police won't let him.

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The Train Up Mount Silence

Recent high school graduate Dennis Renford's parents want him to get a job, and he knows just which job he wants. Elias Smithfield has been entertaining tourists for fifty years and Dennis will do anything to ensure he gets to be his replacement

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