Road Trip

Driving a cold northern highway in an effort to reach her daughter who is in labor, Cass comes across a young woman running from her abusive boyfriend.

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Gone To Weave By Steam

Lady Winthrope is hosting the latest society dinner, and her beleaguered cook, Alice, has to feed surprise guests and still find time to sneak away to see her son--until the Home Secretary keels over dead before the marzipan tower is even served.

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The Sweet Couple Next Door

Peg and Joe Donavon--such a sweet couple--moved in next door to Sarah Fernandes and proceeded to wreck her life by performing unsolicited favors. And as all the world knows, no good deed goes unpunished.

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Murder For Sale

A couple buy a house amid a crime scene

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A cuckold concrete contractor dumps concrete onto his neighbor's model railroad -- a criminal act that uncovers two serial killers.

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Bystander Intervention

A somewhat-satirical story critiquing contemporary organizing/activism spaces, about a young woman seeking strange revenge and perhaps self worth after being harassed.

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Tough Nuts

When two out-of-town Toronto cops stop for dinner in an Italian bistro, they don't count on being witness to murder! Hijinks ensue when it turns out reluctant mob goddaughter Gina Gallo and her kooky cousin Nico are at the next table.

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My Dead-End Job

The proofreader at a headstone company investigates the death of a client.

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