Too Good To Be True

Artist, Tru Jameson, gets in deep when he answers the call of a friend who ran away with the circus. Evie's partner in her knife-throwing act has disappeared and she asks Tru for back up in finding the rumored, illicit after-hours show.

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The Feast

A cell of the Melbourne mafia meet to discuss the issue of a recalcitrant member. With the Don's power waning, and each party harbouring his own ulterior motives, the conversation at dinner takes them to places they could never have imagined.

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What do you do when the girl you love doesn't love you back? Murder is always an option.

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The Juggler's Brew

A birth injury takes control of a man who transforms into a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde murderer.

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The Ring of Truth

Truth is stranger than fiction when a young tennis pro woos and wins the wife of the world's most famous author.

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A bank heist getaway goes horribly wrong.

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