An intelligent? Buick Lacross manipulates its occupants into conducting misdeeds according to their existing natures.

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The Other Woman

A nosy neighbor gets more than she bargained for when she believes she spots an affair across the street.

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Who can you trust? Is anyone who they appear to be?

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A Locked Co-op Mystery

The mayor was alone in the locked apartment where his family had once lived. The crowd of people outside had seen him go in and would swear no one had gone in before or after him. But he was dead.

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Russian Dolls

A psychological thriller told from the perpetrator's own twisted imagination.

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Squeezer and Bongo

When the loathsome bully from your high school days traipses into your successful law office babbling about murder, are you sorry he is the suspect and not the victim?

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The Calm

Judgment and crime go together. This might be a crime story, or it might be a supernatural one.

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