The Calculus of Karma

Deputy Malcolm Lamb takes on his first solo case after the discovery of a dead miner on the asteroid Psyche. Lamb must determine who killed the miner and stop a deadly turf war between corporation and wildcatter miners.

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Phillip Prince promises to try to track down the mysterious disappearance of a woman's ex-husband. A mob hit? Or was he a killer? Nothing is what it seems.

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Seat 9B

A reporter is in the window seat on an airplane. In the middle seat is a serial killer. The killer knows that the reporter knows who he is.

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Nothing Doing

Daisy Belle isn’t a detective and there is no mystery here, but that doesn’t stop her from being on the case. An unlikely partnership will help her get to the bottom of things, even if from the bottom of a bottle.

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Ancient Cypress

Some $20 gold pieces are found when ancient sunken cypress logs are being recovered in the Louisiana swamp, and a deputy sheriff threatens to plant heroin on the crawfisherman who found them unless he gives them to the deputy.

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A court employee is working at a trial concerning a murder she witnessed. But why has she kept mum about it? And what is her role in the trial?

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In Praise of my Assassin

The assault victim tells the police he was attacked by a time traveler. Well, a would-be time traveler, anyway, ...

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Angels Stirring

A young preacher is missing and old, forgotten myths have reawakened in this 1930s era mystery. What treasures have yet to be discovered beneath the mist of Hickory Grove pond?

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