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Gem Collector

by George Garnet

About the Author: George Garnet's fiction has appeared or is forthcoming in a number of publications such as eFiction Literary, The Dark City, The Literary Hatchet, Heater, Romance Magazine, Needle in the Hay, The Lady in the Loft, GKBC International Short Story Competition Anthology and elsewhere. He lives in Melbourne.


I slide the pick into the key slot. A slight turn of the pick to the left followed by a thrust forward and I hear the expected click a moment later.


I close my eyes for a second and let the air out of my lungs. As my muscles relax the blood rushes in my temples. I always get blood rush before ‘starting work’.

A gentle tug and the heavy door opens with grace. A well-balanced Blind Door. My favorite brand.

The jewelry shop is located in the trendiest and most expensive residential area of Huntington, Forest Hill. I know it well. I always do my homework; surveying the area and identifying security cameras, police beat schedules, emergency exit alarms, every detail.

Eleven and a half minutes later, when I step outside, I am all ears. Anything suspicious?

I listen. In the distance—just the sounds of the city that never sleeps.

I keep listening.

Faint rustling in the lilacs behind the building makes me freeze. Before I reach for the sling knife in my pocket, a pair of doves take off and disappear in the night sky. Pheew. I lick my lips.

Praying for no more surprises I pocket the stocking cap and adjust the duffle bag on my shoulder. It’s a heavy bag, full of jewelry: necklaces, bracelets, rings, all wrapped in cotton pouches. The whole shop is in the duffle, except two items: a pair of earrings and a bracelet.

Story Comments

Mar 7 - Scott Merrow

Great story. Well written; a very easy, enjoyable read. No big surprises, but a nice, satisfying resolution. (I hope Monique shows up at The Trocadero's.)

Mar 8 - Elizabeth Varadan

Great story! I really enjoyed it.

Apr 18 - Luis Carlos Gutierrez

Congrats. The short story flows easily. But I wonder whether it was strictly necessary the flashback with the history of his mother and the false accusation.

Jul 3 - George Garnet

Thank you so much, Scott, Elizabeth and Luis. Much appreciated. George

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