A Case of Southern Discomfort

A New York transplant to Southern climes finds bad news can happen when things go South.

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K O'Connor

After a once-adored professional boxer shows up dead it's up to detectives Molly Fetterly and Jim Biggins to find the killer, but they'll soon realize the killer was closer to the victim then they could've initially imagined.

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Let's Talk Toxins

When Etta turns to Otto in bed and tells him she poisoned his dinner, Otto, who enjoys a good joke as much as anyone, decides to play along.

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An aging actress vanishes on the day of her 100th birthday.

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The Truth of the Matter

After the death the town engraver, his son and daughter-in-law receive mysterious, engraved messages suggesting someone in town has a secret.

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A Flash of Red

A mysterious selfie, the murder of a college student, and attacks on homeless people weren’t exactly the Christmas presents Drayco had in mind.

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Finishing Off Gammie

When Harry Fredder decides to kill his mother-in-law things don't go exactly as planned. Gammie turns out to be a lot more resourceful than he thought and soon the tables turn.

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