The Saga of Gentleman Bert

The outlaw Gentleman Bert is proud of his reputation as a cold blooded killer. When he is brought to justice for killing a man in a stagecoach robbery, his reputation lives on after his death, thanks to a helpful entrepreneur.

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Marking Time

A private investigator in Post WWII Jersey City can’t accept the loss of his girlfriend. The gangster that stole her while he was overseas hires him to find her because she has gone missing.

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A head of security at a casino takes an unlikely winner to his office to explain a murderous pattern he has been tracking.

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Murder in the Form of a Question

A man decides to separate a Jeopardy! mega-winner from her cash but can't decide whether murder is the answer or the question.

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The Ghost and Billy Martin

When a widow and her young son are held hostage by a bank robber, they both know their chances for survival aren't good. What they don't know is that the thieves are only part of their problem.

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He got out of town quick, but now he's back with revenge on his mind.

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Intrigue at the Cuckoo Clock Café

Exigent circumstances persuade a fiercely independent private investigator to accept temporary employment with a big agency. Rather than become a team player, he puts his deductive skills to work in his own best interests and those of a mysterious c

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People, Glass Houses, Stones

What to do and what to say when your not quite sure what happened.

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