The Cold Case Geniuses

Two coders have a million-dollar idea: an app that enables armchair sleuths to crack unsolved murders on their phones. Just before they launch the app, an armed intruder breaks in. Could he be one of the killers?

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The Princess

Amber is a chilly beauty who is not only looking for a prince but expects one to preform some difficult and dangerous task to win her. Such an occasion arises, and to the narrator's surprise, murder follows.

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Yellow Tulips

Sent to Ankara to save a missing CIA source, Levon Grace finds himself at dinner with one of Turkey's most senior intelligence officials, who has a story to tell and a deadline to keep.

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The Five Wives Book Club

Book club members - long-time friends - are inspired by their favorite fictions to manage their lives.

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Someone Went And Killed Tickly Thomason

Detective S.R. Jefferson senses foul play behind a country gold legend’s conveniently unsurprising heart attack. The path to police glory runs through a squabbling family, a party barge, and a fateful hoedown showdown.

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A work release program offers an inmate a long-awaited opportunity to start over in life. His past, however, has other plans.

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Four to Go

Mystery writer Sheryl Case decides to murder her demanding writing partner, Myra Borne, and go it alone.

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No One Will Believe You

A down-on-his-luck dishwasher is mugged at gunpoint by the most famous movie star in the world.

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