No Cook

A suicide's widow searches for her friend, a hoarder and a bridesmaid from her wedding.

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Bitter End

Divorce turns deadly in Bitter End when serial bride Louise Tellier Hannington Brown hires her best friend to assess her husband's...assets.

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Newton's Laws

When a greenhorn Brit tries to outwit the laws of physics, frontier law responds.

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A Deal Is A Deal

Detective Mark Gibbon cleans up a few last details before retirement by shooting a deacon at the cathedral.

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Mobile Health Clinics in Rural America

In a document put into a time capsule, a man describes the events that led him to murder his father.

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It's not enough to know who did the crime. You have to catch them.

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New Beginnings

Six tiny mason jars, half full of water, sparkle in the sunlight.

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