The Box

What happens when a cop gets tunnel vision and only sees one suspect: You.

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Sergeant Spinge And The Locked Room Mystery

Sergeant Spinge is the sole policeman in a town of gnomes. He longs to solve a traditional 'locked room mystery' but first he must cope with a series of impossible thefts.

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Hi! I'm Heather

On his second day with the Computer Crimes Unit, a disturbing email propels Sergeant Hagen into a journey to the painful past--and a murder on Skeleton Hill.

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Gold, Jewels, Art, My Father

David's father has hinted at family treasure buried in the backyard … After David's father dies, he returns home to dig.

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The Search For Doctor Vane

Doctor Vane ventured to Ironfang Island seeking pirate treasure and archaeological lore. Now Professor Vorchek has gone in search of him. What he finds justifies the infamous island's reputation.

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Great artists sometimes have messy personal lives. But what if it becomes impossible to separate the art from its creator?

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A Crime Scene tech steals incriminating evidence from a crime scene, then uses it to blackmail the criminal.

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