The Story of Andre Venge

Sugar mamas, black widows, and dishes best served cold.

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Kevin tell his dinner party guests about hypnogogia, a form of hallucination. One guest may be a little too interested ...

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Family Ties

Sheriff Claire Williams is attending a funeral and is shocked when the coffin is accidentally dropped and pops open. There is a second body in with the deceased! She believes a crime was committed – possibly a murder - and sets out to prove it.

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Master Touch

The murder of an artist is serious, but not calamitous--unless a relative of the new Doge is a suspect.

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Raising Money

Danny and Jackson are trying out a new con scheme called Raising Money, which involves raising the denominations on existing currency. Ones turn into tens and tens turn into hundreds. All they need is a believer with extra cash.

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The Conservatory

What do revenge, murder, and horticulture all have in common? Former NIA agent, Simon Biggs, is about to find out when he enters The Conservatory.

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A young woman, apparently on a voyage of self-discovery, discovers the guilty party.

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