The Mysterious Woman In The Lifeguard Chair

Weegee, New York City's most famous crime photographer, photographs a mysterious woman one night on a Coney Island beach. When a woman's body turns up on the beach days later, Weegee finds himself investigating a possible murder.

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The Asphalt Bungle

Noir parody in which grade school students plan a heist of Mad Magazines

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Villains, Vipers, And Dogs

A down-on-his-luck PI breaks into a rival PI's office, intending to steal incriminating photos for a rich, cash-paying client. When he discovers a puppy manning the office, however, what should have been an easy gig, turns weirdly dangerous.

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The Pool Boy

Three rules for running a pool cleaning business: 1) Don’t wake the wealthy. 2) Be invisible. 3) Nothing you do will ever be enough. The pool boy is forced to cover up a crime and winds up paying for it--literally.

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Bad Eagle Road

After the disappearance of a team of scientists in search of Bigfoot, a Native American woman stumbles upon an injured and escaped survivor—and discovers that he’s still being hunted.

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My Son, My Son

A Southern woman becomes exasperated by her notorious, small-time criminal son, her ‘do-good’ of a husband, and the stifling nature of her small-town.

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