Water Wolf

Years after Florence's two friends disappear into the woods, one returns to her life, forcing her to confront her flawed memories of that fateful day.

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Finders' Fee

When contractors open your wall, you're in for a mess of trouble.

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The End of the Road

Is the race always to the swift -- even on the moon?

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Au Lait

If you could kill anyone with a wish, whom would you choose?

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A canoe trip on a swollen river, a baby lost, a new husband with a love for campsites with high vistas--what else could a woman want to become unencumbered?

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The Idiot's Guide to Killing Your Mother-in-Law

What's it take to kill an old woman? One less idiot.

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Terrible Tilly

A fictional tale based on a factual lighthouse islanded a mile off coast, where the four keepers tending to this seaward lamp begin to distrust and suspect one another of strange happenings when no man claims the actions as his own.

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