Split Chain Stitch

Moving to a new town is stressful. Discovering people who share a hobby can help, as can learning the local community's gossip. When Rachael moves, the local knitting group is a lifesaver, and with the stitches come the stories.

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70 x 7

A biblical revenge is fulfilled when a rogue minister justifies the murder of his brother by taking a New Testament phrase literarily.

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A Shift at the Bluebird

Emerald Love, country music star and shapeshifter, drops in at the legendary Bluebird and gets more than the music: a duet with Nashville's next singing sensation, a stolen song, and murder.

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Bonnie Parker Sings the Blues

In a parallel world, Bonnie & Clyde didn't die in a hail of bullets; they became jazz musicians. But the Bonnie who died in our reality is still greedy to be reunited with Clyde, and she fights to steal the living Clyde from Bonnie the jazz singer.

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Tree Dweller

A quirky girl convinces her friends they have spectacular powers. After their belief takes flight, an accident claims a victim, and one detective follows a hunch that there's more going on beneath the surface.

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In Case of Emergency

Michael’s father always told him to be prepared. Michael’s take on that advice isn’t exactly what the Boy Scouts had in mind.

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