Cold Feet

When a prominent scholar weds a powerful lobbyist, suspicion prompts her to enlist her brother, a former fed, to investigate. As he chases leads around D.C., truth, suspicion, and its consequences begin to blur.

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To Whom It May Concern

The power of the written word snowballs into unexpected rewards.

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Giving Up The Ghost

Belle Lopez, an ex-hooker working as a neophyte private investigator, is obsessed with solving the murder of her ex-boss and mentor, Leo Gillepski. Things get complicated when Leo's ghost appears and starts interfering in the case.

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Digging Up Bones

Nathan Shields is haunted by the skeleton in his past. But he soon learns the real threat lies beneath the surface, where he least expects it. As he uncovers the truth, Nathan discovers a frightening reality: sometimes what you bury will bury you.

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Murder On The First Night's Feast

Since Charlemagne, a gathering of elite gourmands in French chateaux country has taken on rules and a reputation all its own. Except this year the host is hauled off for murder, and it’s up to Madame Feubert to save the season.

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Midnight In A Sea Of Marble

Washington D.C. police detectives Mike Ryan and Hayley Michaels are tasked with investigating a double-murder. When they begin to suspect two rich upstanding citizens living in a pricey neighborhood along the Potomac River, the citizens push back.

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