Bystander Boondoggle

This story’s nameless narrator is down on his luck and just wants to enjoy a quiet Holiday alone in his shack, but his plans are thwarted by murder, intrigue and romance.

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The Devil in Salem Meadows

Professor John Franklin, debunker of occult phenomena, is in rehab after a bad car wreck. There he finds three witches who know an old spell that can cause death when chanted - and who like to chant a lot.

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Handed, On A Gold Plate

Wade angles to become a superstar pick four lotto auditor, one stage left camera flash at a time. First, he has two problems: finding his signature on-screen pose and maybe stumbling onto a rigging scheme.

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Blind Alley

She just wanted to get home to her boyfriend, but accidentally bouncing a blind man off her bumper puts a wrinkle in Karina Cardinal's evening plans.

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The Barlow Boys

Ezra Barlow, a farmer in the depression-era South, is a loving father, but he's also a drunk and a gambler. When he winds up targeted for death by a gangster in nearby Shreveport, his two young sons realize it's up to them to save the family.

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Minuet At The Silver Goose

Hospitals can a dangerous place if you're a murderous televangelist with a heart condition and the man who invented the heart monitor is just down the hall.

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The Disappearances

A former Dallas detective turned small town Sheriff investigates a series of baffling abductions. It's as if people are vanishing in their homes. When the Sheriff uncovers the perpetrator, he has a unique if troubling solution.

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Low And Slow

When hit men called The Conductors show up at Alvy Funchess's house looking for a satchel full of cash while Funchess is smoking a pork shoulder in the back yard, Alvy serves up a few surprises before dinner.

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