Back Down To Black

Freelance mailman Mercury Carter travels to Des Moines, Iowa, to deliver a top-secret formula to an epidemiologist that could save thousands of lives, only to encounter people intent on intercepting the information—by force if necessary.

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Trouble Is His Biz

Gopher Hartman was an old-school private eye, or maybe a dropout. An independent thinker, he tended to go his own way in an effort to live up to his name.

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Gator Bait

Drug dealers are disappearing in south Florida. It could be an unusually tidy turf war or something else. FBI agent Travis Tredman suspects the latter when a half-eaten dealer shows up in the Big Cypress.

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Murder By The Sea

When a housekeeper discovers a body impaled on a broken vodka bottle by the Aral Sea, an entire town falls under suspicion.

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Don't Want To Know

When her husband Joey calmly announces that he wants to kill his brother, Fran realises her life is about to change forever. And Joey claims his plan is perfect. But as for the details of that plan - Fran doesn’t want to know...

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The Elevating Power Of Art

A last-minute heist allows common burglar Ricky the chance to live out his dream of joining the elegant world of art theft, but he soon discovers it is not as easy as it first seems.

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Happy To Help

Daisy Belle is always happy to help and she doesn’t mind getting her hands dirty. When her buddy, Ray Gage, is arrested for murder, Daisy will stop at nothing to prove his innocence.

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Under Water

Owning a home isn't for the fainthearted, even when the weather is fine. When disaster strikes, though, desperate times call for desperate measures....

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