The Pit of Hell

An incompetent escape artist manages to disappear from his full-body cast.

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The Case of the Masticated Hand

The second most gruesome start of an investigation that Sherlock Holmes ever conducted!

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The Adventure of the Missing Princess

Dr. Frederick Treves enlists the help of Sherlock Holmes to investigate the suspicious death of his famous patient,

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The Mystery of the Bee's Egg

Sherlock Holmes must find who is responsible for a man's death .... before a mile-long bridge opens!

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Your Turn

A couple make their living targeting lonely hearts for easy cash, but nothing's ever easy in a world of lies, greed, and jealousy.

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Unacceptable Risk

When they suspect a coworker of cheating in the office dead pool, two experts in risk take a big chance to try to catch a killer.

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Acid Test

If an amateur scientist can't find a ghost, what can he do? Make one!

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