The Pastiche: A Sherlockian Necessity

Ever considered writing Sherlockian pastiche? Here are some thoughts to ponder.

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Hercule Poirot's Birthday

In this Agatha Christie pastiche, Hercule Poirot's birthday dinner is interrupted by an inconvenient homicide.

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The Adventure of the Very Quiet American

Sherlock Holmes must discover who murdered a man. But first, he must discover who murdered a pig.

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The So-Called Yoga Instructor

The part-time yoga instructor at an active retirement community is murdered in a fellow resident's apartment.

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The Mechanical Detective

In a Victorian London substantially different from the one we know, no consulting sleuth is as extraordinary as Ponder Wright, the mechanical detective. Yet even his wits are tested by a murder where the suspects are all automatons.

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Who Made Sherlock's Clay Pipe?

At long last, the maker of Sherlock Holmes's clay pipe is revealed.

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London After Midnight

Roger Sherrington replaces Dr John H Watson to provide invaluable assistance to Sherlock Holmes in a monster-god investigation.

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The Adventure of the Lyceum Theatre Curse

At the request of Bram Stoker, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson investigate the deadly occurrences plaguing a production of Macbeth.

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