The Secrets of Skin

In ancient Alexandria, Magistrate Ovid must solve an unusual crime...

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The Very First Detective: The Killing Stone

A series of controversial prehistoric paintings on stone tablets recently discovered in a secret cave complex in the Pyrenees reveals the workings of the very first detective.

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The Inimitable Affair

Sherlock Holmes works to prevent a scandal that could rock the very foundation of Victorian England by destroying the reputation of one of the era's most respected and beloved figures, who cannot defend himself.

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A Death in Tadcaster

What if a Miss Marple-type of detective is not as sweet and innocent as she seems?

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The Beekeeper's Dilemma

Faced with minding his own business or not, the old beekeeper proves that old habits die hard.

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The Beginning of the Final Problem

A locked-room mystery, with a brief pre-history of Holmes's arch-enemy, in which a young Bertrand Russell (imported from Cambridge to London for the purposes of the story) is featured in a cameo role.

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